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Enjoy living text through SSL/TLS encryption. All transactions are processed by trusted industry leaders, Stripe and Coinbase.


No Hidden Fees

All prices and services are quoted inclusive of tax and fees.


Quick & Compatible

Support for all modern platforms and browsers, with an emphasis on performance and simplicity.

Avalon Customers

If you are a customer of Avalon; the Legend Lives, you will have been directed to this preliminary site for secure payment. Our new systems are being revised into a mobile application called Jasper and normal, smooth services will resume soon. In the meantime, use the below secure methods of payment.

Payments are stored and processed by Stripe. They will appear on your card statement as AVALON RTP followed by a subscription type or character name. Please inform your bank of these charges to prevent interruption of service.

Successful payments are always followed by an email receipt, so please use your primary email address.

Storing details on its own will not incur an immediate charge, but selecting a subscription will.



  • 16 crowns per month (at 2.00 per USD)
  • 10 lessons bonus per active day played
  • max. 2 triggers
  • max. 80 aliases


  • 35 crowns per month (at 2.33 per USD)
  • 15 lessons bonus per active day played
  • max. 15 triggers
  • max. 150 aliases


  • 60 crowns per month (at 2.40 CRN per USD)
  • 20 lessons bonus per active day played
  • max. 30 triggers
  • max. 250 aliases


  • 150 crowns per month (at 3.00 CRN per USD)
  • 20 lessons bonus per active day played
  • max. 75 triggers
  • max. 500 aliases
Store Payment Details (not charged)

If you intend to use PURCHASE or MICRO, you may store your details without being charged immediately.

If you are updating your details with us, be sure to use the same email as you did the first time.